Artrageous combines live music, singing, dancing, and live painting under black light to create a unique experience. Artrageous combines live music, singing, dancing, and live painting under black light to create a unique show.

What happens when you combine black light effects with live music, singing, dancing, live painting, and audience interaction?


Artrageous is a 12-person troupe of musicians, singers, artists, and dancers that travels the world performing unique live shows incorporating all their talents, along with a healthy dose of cool black light effects.

It’s live painting with music, dance, and theater… and (what makes Artrageous stand out) audience interaction.

Two members of the troupe specialize in black light painting. During the show they live-paint giant portraits of famous actors and musicians, and even a black-light version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night!

To enhance the experience, the troupe incorporates props and costumes that also glow under black light.

“Wildfire is absolutely by far the best quality,” commented John DeWolf of Artrageous. “Both the fixtures and the paint. We notice it in terms of impact and coverage. It changes how we paint, and how quickly we can finish a painting.”

Watch the video below of Artrageous in action. Check out the website. And be sure to check their tour schedule to see when they’ll be performing near you.


Black Light Toga Party Lights Up Cancer Kids

by Wildfire on August 9, 2016

"Techno Toga," a black light toga party, lights up cancer kids at Camp Happy Days. “Techno Toga,” a black light toga party, lights up cancer kids at Camp Happy Days.

A toga party with black lights and luminescent paint.

I guess you could call it a “GLOga party.” (Cue the groans.)

Ok… maybe not.

At Camp Happy Days, a week long program for kids battling cancer and their siblings (meaning the siblings come too, not that they were also battling—you get the idea), they called it “Techno Toga!”

Every year hundreds of young cancer patients (and their siblings) have loads of fun being a kid again. Dozens of volunteers help create unforgettable, life-changing experiences that help bring a little more light into their lives.

For the Techno Toga, which took place at this years camp (July 2-9), volunteers created props using Wildfire Luminescent Paint, while kids prepared their togas ahead of time, sprucing up their costumes with brightly colored fabric enhanced by black light paint.

Wildfire VioStorm™ fixtures (the only UV-LED fixtures on the market with the power, control, and versatility of a traditional long throw) were set up to get the party started.

Party goers light up under Wildfire VioStorm™ black light LED fixtures. Party goers light up under Wildfire VioStorm™ black light LED fixtures.

“For some of the kids it was their first time at camp,” said Teresa Bishop of Camp Happy Days. “So they were blown away by how cool it all was. Many were like, ‘Whoa! Look at all the cool colors!’ It turned out awesome.”

How would YOU create a black light toga party? Comment below.


Introducing SableLED™ – Finally, A Viable Inexpensive UV-LED Upgrade Path For UV Fluorescents.

June 29, 2016

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Kendrick Lamar, nominated for 11 Grammys and winning 5, gave a spectacular performance at the recent Grammys ceremony. We’re particularly excited because we provided the paint for the most spectacular part of the show. Here’s how it went down… Lamar appears on stage as part of a prison chain gang shuffling up to the microphone. […]

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The “Clark Griswold of Halloween” Lights Up Neighborhood In Spectacular Display

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Visit Wildfire at LDI for Exclusive Show Specials and a Hands-On Look at our New VioStorm VS-120 UV LED Black Light

October 12, 2015

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The Black Light LED Fixture That Can Match The Performance Of A Metal-Halide Long Throw

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Introducing The New Series 3 Long Throw UV Black Light Fixtures – The Ultimate In Output, Durability, Controllability, and Flexibility

June 7, 2015

The state of the art in UV lighting technology just got even better. Wildfire’s new Series 3 Long Throws offer even more durability, flexibility, and even output distribution than ever before. In addition to all the pre-existing features that made this product the best in its class, the Long Throw Series 3 now features… 3-In-1 […]

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