About “The Blacklight Blaze”

“The Blacklight Blaze” is the only newsletter devoted exclusively to the world of UV/Blacklight effects. It is produced by Wildfire, Inc., the world leader (and Hollywood’s first choice) in ultra-bright backlight fixtures and materials.

Every week or so, a new article is featured, covering topics such as…

  • New blacklight related products and services.
  • Cool UV artwork and effects from artists around the world. (Submit your artwork to newsletter@wildfirefx.com for a chance to be featured on this blog!)
  • Shows and installations featuring totally awesome blacklight effects.
  • How-to information and videos on lighting, painting, and getting the best and brightest UV effects.
  • Plus various “odds and ends”—all related in some way to blacklight.

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About Wildfire, Inc.

Wildfire Lighting & Visual Effects is the go-to resource for Hollywood professionals when they’re looking for an ultra-cool, ultra-bright blacklight effect.

To discover more about why Wildfire is the industry standard, be sure to get a copy of “The Wildfire Report: The Ultimate How-To Guide To Creating Spectacular, Ultra-Bright UV Effects.”

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